Imagine getting greater results & recognition

by leading your team with greater confidence

Sales Manager coaching, mentoring & training

I help Sales Managers beat their inner imposter to become more confident and get results.

Collaborative 1:1 sessions or ‘The Empowered ISM’ 12-week programme for individuals or teams.

“Matt would listen to me to identify the answers that I already had within myself.

He would make me aware of the options that are available to me when I couldn’t see them,

and would then help me to feel empowered to just go for it.”


Manager Coaching & mentoring

Sales Manager Coaching & Mentoring

1:1 coaching & mentoring,

build a 30-60-90 plan,

arrange training sessions on specific topics,

or enroll in the ‘Empowered ISM’

a complete programme using proven techniques and content.

or, even better – book a Zoom call to get your journey underway

Confidence through coaching. Sales Management Coaching & Mentoring.

By working with Matt as my coach, I was able to address various challenges with more peace and compassion towards myself.

All sessions were ended up with actionable steps which enabled me to feel in control and like progressing.

I appreciate Matt’s presence, listening skills, reflections, and above all, full devotion to the coaching program.

krystyna litwa, vertiv co., DubAI

Recently, marketing coach Elaine Walsh-McGrath and I livestreamed a conversation about how I help Sales Managers become more confident and empowered and why I got into coaching in the first place.

You can watch this video here:

Feedback on my recent session with ‘Women of Cisco’ EMEA – 7 Steps to Build Confidence & Courage

  • Matt Anson explained the steps in such a simple and not complicated way that you can remember and execute! I did appreciate every second of this session.
  • Terrific! It was extremely satisfying 🙂
  • Great session, thank you Matt! Thank you Cisco for organizing.
  • I identified myself with some topics and realized I need to work on them. Thank you
  • Thank you for this session. I am so happy to work for a company that provides me great experiences to develop and grow both personally and professionally. I certainly do not take my work as obligation but as a pleasure!
  • LOVED IT! Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the event 🙂

Overall session rating 5/5 (80 attendees)

Sales Manager Development

Coaching for potential, new or experienced managers looking to progress.

Let me help you be the best sales manager you can be.

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