Hiring a Team v Individuals

How many managers hiring people for their teams look for the same profile every time, or try to hire a replica of their top performer? But is this the right approach?

A strong team needs diversity in culture, background, character and opinion but with a foundation built on your team and company’s shared values.

Let’s use a football analogy. Do we want a team made of up just strikers or just midfielders? The answer is probably not! We don’t need 11 captains either, all scrambling over one another to get to the top…

The Strikers – These are your top performers who always deliver the big KPIs, Strikers are, however, not always strong team players, so building a cohesive team made up of only strikers could be counterproductive

The Midfielders – The team players! They often care as much about the team and company performance as their own. They will be the ever-presents at social functions, will put it the extra shift for the team even if their own KPIs are in the bag. Midfielders are often the best captains /future managers.

The Defenders – They may have been Strikers or Midfielders once, but have either been in the game a while longer than most or have just always been happy to do around 100%. It’s unlikely that you’d proactively hire a defender but you will almost certainly inherit some. But don’t be put off, Defenders are often very experienced, level headed and loyal.

So next time you are hiring, don’t just think about the individual but also think about what playing the position you need to fill.

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