How to tell your employee you don’t care about them…

As we approach the end of the year, for many managers it will be getting close to the time when they are expected to deliver annual reviews to their direct reports.
A poorly delivered review can have a profound effect.

After all, this is supposed to be the reflection of a year of work, so what message does it send to a direct report if the manager has clearly rushed the writing of the review, or sees it as a tick-box exercise?

As reviews generally take place in a new year (calendar or fiscal), or around an employee’s anniversary, these are often times where the employee is taking stock of their situation and potentially considering a change. A poorly delivered annual review is a fantastic way to give them a nudge out of the door!

All managers are busy, time is of a premium, but investing the right amount of time in preparing for the review will pay dividends in the long-term, whether this is a star performance or someone on a Performance Improvement Plan. As things quieten over the Christmas period, could this be an ideal time to make a start on those reviews?

After all, this is possibly the most important conversation you will have with this employee for 12 months,

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