30 60 90 Day Plan Sales Manager

30 60 90 Day Plan for H2 Planning

The summer’s here and the time is right…to work your butt off by building a new 30 60 90 day plan.

Because you know it’s coming.


When the sh*t will hit the fan. 

When quotas skyrocket. 

Recruiters will start trying to poach your best people. 

For the pressure to really be on.

For the manager, though, September is like a parent taking the stabilisers off the bike and hoping the kid doesn’t fall off. Like a sports coach, what really counts is the work that they put into the pre-season.

30 60 90 day plan

Tomorrow is the 1 June. So, sales leaders, you have three months to be ready. 90 days.

Remember that 30-60-90 that you had to do to get your Sales Manager role? When maybe you didn’t even really know the business very well, let alone the team you were going to be managing,

The first 30 days

Time to get yourself into that same headspace by adopting a beginner’s mindset. Time to shake off any perceptions you have about your team members, and look at them with a fresh set of eyes.

‘But my team ain’t broke, so why should I fix it?’ I hear you say. But, even if it’s the number one team in the org, there’s another team coming up behind you. And, remember, those quotas are only going to get bigger! Because there is no perfect sales team, therefore there is always room for improvement.

We’re not talking about knee jerk reactions, either. In fact, for June, you should give yourself permission to do nothing at all – nothing that will significantly change anything anyway. Just let the team keep ticking on as it’s done so far this year. Use the month to look, and listen. Do the bare essentials (or, even better, delegate them to a senior team member so you can really take a step back).

Grab yourself a new notebook, and get ready to drink a lot of coffee (and buy it for others). It’s time now to switch your hat from sales manager to investigative journalist, and start to interview people:

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Who to interview

  • Schedule time for a 1:1 with each team member to ask open questions, listening for the answers. What’s working? What are their goals? Where do they need help? Listen in to a few of their calls. Remember, you’re not trying to fix anything right now, just get a picture.
  • Customers/prospects – aim to speak to a least one a day, get their feedback on their experience with your company and team
  • Your stakeholders – presales, finance, marketing, your boss, anyone internally who is directly impacted by your team. What do they think of the team? Remember, a beginner’s mindset – your job isn’t to defend their honour, it’s to get an accurate picture.

When you’re not interviewing others, spend your time ‘interviewing’ the metrics. What has average attainment been versus quotas for the past year for each agent? Is there a trend up or down? 

More importantly, how do their two or three key leading metrics stack up – number of calls/meetings, pipeline generation, etc?

By the end of the month, you’ll have a lot of notes and numbers to review. Spend a day reviewing them. Work out your top (A), middle (B) and lower (C)  performers, and your key focus areas. 

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Because July and August will be when you really get to work. 

If you feel you need help with this, or any other aspect of your role as a manager, please get in touch.

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