Matt Anson Training and Coaching
  • 20+ Years of Sales & Management experience in tech
  • Past clients include Cisco & Microsoft
  • Live in Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland
  • Originally from Sheffield, England
  • Published sports writer
  • Marathon runner
  • Dad to 2 kids (and a dog and cat)
  • Contact me


I love helping people to build their skills and self esteem.

I love learning, and sharing what I’ve learned.

Investment in yourself is key to success.

My coaching help clients who want to help themselves by investing the time (and money) to progress.

It is my strong belief that developing leadership skills is the number one key to success for any organisation.

In fact, I believe it so strongly that I left my last job to launch this business.


At my last employer, N3 Results, a sales outsourcer, I was appointed the leader of the Dublin and Lisbon sites with a clear remit.

Stop our best people from leaving.

After spending time with my management team, we led coaching, training and culture workshops.

As a result, staff retention increased by around 75% in a matter of a few months.


A major part of coaching is around deciding your goals.

Setting my own goals not only saw me setting up my own business, but also running marathons and becoming a published writer (Sheffield United Greatest Games),

My book sold around 1,000 copies, and I have also been a ghostwriter for the Hourly History series of books.

Coaching is also about building resilience and confidence, and I can certainly identify with the anxieties and feelings of imposter syndrome. Because of this, I can help you to get through and around them, too.

Originally from Yorkshire, I now live in Naas, Ireland, with my wife and two kids, dog and cat.

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Matt Anson Training and Coaching
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