Coaching leadership and management in sales
  • Coaching leadership and management in sales, I draw upon 20 years experience help you to grow as a manager,
  • I can be there to advise you on those situations that people never talk or write about.
  • Past clients include Cisco & Microsoft

Coaching leadership and management in sales

Training, mentoring and coaching services for Sales Managers

The Empowered Inside Sales Manager (ISM)

The Empowered ISM programme is spread over 12 or more weeks, using proven tools and content to take ISMs down a logical pathway of improvement.

1:1 Coaching

Focussing on an individual manager’s strengths. Regular 1:1 coaching sessions in order to build confidence, communication, presentation and leadership skills. Focus on specific life/career goals.

Interview Coaching

As a former hiring manager, I therefore have a good handle on what employers are looking for in an interview.

Coaching sessions with me will get you ready for any question and scenario in your upcoming interview.


People who use their strengths deliver better outcomes and generate greater value for those around them and their organisations.

The Strengthscope® report helps managers to identify and then use strengths.

Become more confident, engaged with work, productive and also to be able to build better relationships with colleagues.