Feedback on my session with ‘Women of Cisco’ EMEA – 7 Steps to Build Confidence & Courage

  • Matt Anson explained the steps in such a simple and not complicated way that you can remember and execute! I did appreciate every second of this session.
  • Terrific! It was extremely satisfying 🙂
  • Great session, thank you Matt! Thank you Cisco for organizing.
  • I identified myself with some topics and realized I need to work on them. Thank you
  • Thank you for this session. I am so happy to work for a company that provides me great experiences to develop and grow both personally and professionally. I certainly do not take my work as obligation but as a pleasure!
  • LOVED IT! Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the event 🙂

Overall session rating 5/5 (80 attendees)

Testimonials from a selection of 1:1 clients

Matthew is a very collaborative coach. He challenged my thinking and opened my eyes to different perspectives.

At the beginning of our coaching sessions I felt disillusioned with my ‘day job’. And whilst I never had a ‘Aha’ moment during our sessions, as I now look back at how far I have come, I have a seat at the leadership table and I am feeling so much more confident in my role and my future in the organisation.

Sometimes there is not a ‘Aha’ moment, it is little by little and when you look back you see the changes in yourself.

I would recommend Matt as a coach, he is supportive and challenging. He guided me and held me accountable. Asked me some insightful questions which got me thinking.

Victoria Yates

HR Manager, Leics, UK

My sessions with Matt provide me with the opportunity to reflect, visualise, plan and work towards a more fulfilling and joyful life.

I have found that small weekly steps make a big difference, and have relished the fact that some of my goals stem from unfulfilled or discarded ambitions.

The experience brings me closer to my true self and nature.

Working with Matt keeps me on track to remain committed to myself and what is important to me.


Co Wicklow

Matt’s style is intuitive, reflective, supportive but also Matt may ask challenging questions. Some of these challenging questions were exactly the ones I needed to hear, reflect on, and grow from.

My confidence to cope with many challenges grew, I was able to find more peace, compassion, and patience towards myself. Many of my perceptions about me being an introvert and shy about public speaking were looked into, challenged, and shrank in size.

At the time of my coaching sessions with Matt, I was going through many challenges in my personal and professional life. The timing of the sessions was just perfect, I appreciated Matt being by my side, showing care, and bringing his skills to enable me to grow.

By working with Matt as my coach, I was able to address various challenges with more peace and compassion towards myself. All sessions were ended up with actionable steps which enabled me to feel in control and like progressing. I appreciate Matt’s presence, listening skills, reflections, and above all, full devotion to the coaching program.

Krystyna Litwa

HR Manager, Dubai

Matt would listen to me to identify the answers that I already had within myself.

He would make me aware of the options that are available to me when I couldn’t see them,

and would then help me to feel empowered to just go for it

Wayne Kavanagh

Sales Manager, Dublin

I was struggling to pass interviews. I had done five by this stage and with very much disappointment I failed to get the job.

Something had to change so I got in contact with Matt a week before my next interview.

Our hour together was so enjoyable – Matt gave me the tools to have the confidence to say ‘this is my job and I am going to fly the interview’ and I did! 

If you want to make a difference or a change to your career and your struggling to pass that all-important interview this is the person to go to: 10 out of 10 for success.



Matt gave me valuable advice with a  professional approach and put me in the right direction which helped me to determine what career path to choose and to make sure I’ll feel happy, confident and relevant in my new job

Alicja Kisio